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About Us

If you are like us, you have probably been struggling with the gap between what marketing says a security technology will do, to fully testing and evaluating solutions before you make a decision, and then seeing something different when you actually implement the solution in your environment. So, we started this podcast. It is our hope that we can start to influence the security industry, or at least provide you with some better information to help you make a better decision when you are looking at all the security technologies.

In the podcast, we are going to promote security architectural best practices as we gather information from security vendors. We hope to be able to translate their information into a format that can easily be consumed by you. We hope to answer key questions about the vendor’s technologies that we talk about. Help you understand their features and give you guidance on the best ways to implement the solutions in your environment.

Our plan is to understand areas where you would like to explore. Knowing those areas, we will develop a list of questions related to those areas and then reach out to vendors that support technologies in those areas and bring them on to discuss their solution and our questions. We are going to do our best to make sure our questions stray away from “marketing spin” and focus on understanding the details on how the solution is implemented, how the solution works, and any considerations that might be limitations when implemented.

Our season's manifesto includes six basic principles:

1. Vendors are only allowed to share publicly available information. No “in the future” features are allowed.

2. Our experienced co-host team will be preparing the questions while combining your feedback with our domain knowledge.

3. All the vendors in the same technology space will have to address the same questions during the podcast.

4. The vendors are welcome to answer some of the questions by screen share of their product UI.

5. The vendors are not allowed to compare their solutions to their competitors, we, as your host, will do our best to stay neutral and will try not to show favoritism with one vendor over another.

6. To provide the vendors with equal starting conditions, we will be publishing the podcasts in batches of 5 - 8 vendors at a time.