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George is the founder & CEO of
1up is the AI for GTM teams. It generates a complete knowledge base of your company and competitors, and automatically gives Sales & Marketing teams the answers they need to win.
Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Relyance AI, shares his background and experience building and marketing compilers, large-scale data processing architectures, machine learning systems, and observability tools. Abhi explains how he applied metamodeling and machine learning to tackle the problems at the intersection of different privacy and security domains, leading to the creation of Relyance AI.
Relyance AI enables organizations to match the speed of privacy and compliance operations to the speed of engineering and business operations. Data protection and trust go far beyond borders, organizations, and teams. Relyance AI is not just shifting left–it’s flipping the approach to data protection on its head by leveraging machine learning to build a global, cross-functional, comprehensive solution to seamlessly manage privacy, data governance, and legal operations. Built by domain experts, Relyance AI is the only data protection platform that offers privacy at the code level–without the intrusion.
Abhi Veldurthy is VP of Engineering at CloudDefense responsible for the technical direction and strategy, while leading the engineering efforts at the company. He has a Masters in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon and is deeply passionate about application development and is using this powerful combination to build a holistic security solution at CloudDefense. Prior to joining CloudDefense, Abhi has worked with LinkedIn, Amazon and Yahoo.
CloudDefense is an Application Security company that provides a single pane of glass view into the overall security health of an organization. It provides tools to discover open source vulnerabilities, open source licenses, static analysis (SAST), API and Web penetration testing, as well as Cloud Native, Cloud Infra, and Container Vulnerabilities with a few clicks. CloudDefense helps you in preventing accidental slippage of critical security issues in production.
Al Yang is the CEO and co-founder of SafeBase. Al met his cofounder and CTO at Harvard during graduate school. As the pair were finishing school, they received acceptance into Y Combinator and founded SafeBase with a simple mission: to help companies build and manage customer trust at scale. Al founded two other companies prior to SafeBase, both of which have been successfully acquired. He also worked on Wall Street as a Tech M&A investment banker for five years in between his last two startups. Al is a father of two, lives in the Bay, and enjoys company building and golf.
SafeBase is the customer trust communication platform that helps organizations showcase their security and compliance posture. B2B transactions increasingly require a third-party risk management assessment to finalize a contract or renewal. This usually comes in the form of long-form customized security questionnaires. The manual nature of this review, collection of information, and response process lead this to be one of the most laborious stages in the procurement process. It is also perhaps the most siloed. The extensive process significantly stresses cross-functional relationships, straining an organization’s most valuable asset: customer trust. SafeBase Trust Centers empower info-Sec teams with customer-facing trust centers to proactively share sensitive security, compliance, and privacy information. On the backend, These trust centers are powered by dozens of integrations with both sales and security tools designed to streamline processes and capture insight using data
Alex is the Chief Product Officer of Twingate, which he cofounded in 2019. Alex has held a range of product leadership roles in the enterprise software market over the last 16 years, including at Dropbox, where he was the first enterprise hire in the company's transformation from consumer to enterprise business. A focus of his product career has been using the power of design thinking to make technically complex products intuitive and easy to use. Alex graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
Twingate provides a simple, modern approach to securing online work. Delivered as a cloud-based service, Twingate empowers IT teams to easily configure a software defined perimeter without changing infrastructure, and centrally manage user access to internal apps, whether they are on-prem or in the cloud.
Alon Jackson is the CEO and co-founder of Astrix Security, the enterprise's trusted solution for securing non-human connections and identities. Jackson is a seasoned cybersecurity professional, having served in strategic roles in the Israeli Military Intelligence Unit 8200 and in private security companies, including Argus (acquired by Continental AG). Jackson received an MSc in Computer Science with honors, specializing in cryptography.
Founded in Tel Aviv in 2021, Astrix Security helps cloud-first companies defend against a new generation of supply chain attacks. Astrix provides holistic visibility into all non-human connections and identities - automatically detects and remediates over-privileged, unnecessary, misbehaving and malicious app-to-app connections to prevent supply chain attacks, data leaks and compliance violations. Led by two veterans of the Israel Defense Force 8200 military intelligence unit, CEO Alon Jackson and CTO Idan Gour, Astrix's team is rapidly expanding.
Alon Levin is the VP of Product Management at Seraphic, the enterprise browser security solution. With a successful track record of over 15 years in the cyber security industry, Alon specializes in building and supporting the growth of new, innovative products in the areas of Product Management, Presales, and Customer Success. Prior to joining Seraphic, he fulfilled numerous leadership positions such as VP of Product Management at Infinipoint, and earlier in VDOO, and as a Global Consulting Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, Head of Product in Cyvera and Wave Systems.
So many security vulnerabilities today trace back to remote working and security experts are increasingly eyeing the need for safe enterprise browsers as a way to further protect data. At Black Hat 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel-based Seraphic Security, after two years of development, came out of stealth mode to unveil its new browser security offering for enterprises. The company says its solution works across any browser (including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and others) and any device.
Amit Bareket, CEO and Co-Founder of Perimeter 81, is a cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in system architecture and software development. He is the author of 8 patents issued by the USPTO for storage, mobile applications and user interface. Prior to Perimeter 81, Amit founded SaferVPN, sold in 2019 to J2 Global, and worked as a Software Engineer for major enterprises including IBM XIV Storage and BigBand Networks. He served in the Israel Defense Force’s elite cyber intelligence unit and graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.
Perimeter 81 is a leading SASE provider that has transformed the outdated, hardware-based security appliances into a cloud-based SaaS solution simplifying secure access for the modern and distributed workforce. Perimeter 81 is trusted by thousands of companies, of all sizes and sectors, and our partners are among the world's foremost managed service providers and channel resellers.
Dr. Anton Chuvakin is now involved with security solution strategy at Google Cloud, where he arrived via Chronicle Security (an Alphabet company) acquisition in July 2019. Anton was, until recently, a Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) Security and Risk Management Strategies team.
BeyondCorp is Google's implementation of the zero trust model. It builds upon a decade of experience at Google, combined with ideas and best practices from the community. By shifting access controls from the network perimeter to individual users, BeyondCorp enables secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN.
Balaji leads business development and strategy as Co-Founder and CEO at MedStack, a cloud software platform that automates data privacy compliance and security for digital health. He is a 15-year veteran in product management and a well-respected startup educator, advisor and mentor. He is a strong advocate for the role of ecosystems in industry transformation and in tackling tough problems like improving healthcare
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Based in Toronto, Canada, MedStack is an award-winning platform SaaS company with a proprietary technology dedicated to expanding the innovation landscape in healthcare. Built upon years of experience in digital health, startup ecosystems, DevOps, security and privacy frameworks, MedStack's offering enables early-stage and rising providers of solutions such as telemedicine, AI for genomics, diagnosis and drug discovery, care concierge, patient engagement and more, to meet the highest standards of health data privacy and security compliance as is demanded by the industry, automatically, through security architecture inheritance and guided workflows. MedStack has been awarded Leader status on G2 for HIPAA compliance, Best Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Company by MedTech Breakthrough, and operates in several regions around the world.
Bob is a product marketing leader with a proven track record in Silicon Valley. Bob enjoys working in fast-paced start-up environments where and leverages his skills and experience to launch products and showcase innovative technology. He is a prolific speaker, evangelist, motivator, and hands-on product demonstrator. Bob loves to build world-class teams that are wicked smart, work hard, but also know how to have fun on their path towards success.
The Netskope security cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope understands the cloud and delivers data-centric security from one of the world’s largest and fastest security networks, empowering the largest organizations in the world with the right balance of protection and speed they need to enable business velocity and secure their digital transformation journey. Reimagine your perimeter with Netskope.
Brian has been an IT professional for 25 years. As a Regional Solution Architect he is involved with large Enterprise customers in Canada and the US, and is engaged to architect large scale deployments both for customers and MSP partners. A member of ISACA and IASA Global, Brian often speaks at both industry and McAfee events about how to address business objectives with advanced security architecture in Security Operations and Cloud.
McAfee is an Intel Corporation subsidiary and is the world's largest company dedicated to security. Since 1987, McAfee has been running with one main aim: to keep their customers safe from online threats. They are always thinking of new and innovative ways to keep customers safe online.
Brian comes from more than 20 years of experience driving product strategy, growth initiatives, and go-to-market for organizations across all stages. Currently, Brian serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Island, a hot start-up that recently emerged from stealth to deliver the industry’s first Enterprise Browser. As a founding team member of Island, Brian was essential in driving establishing Island’s product and go-to-market strategies, as well as part of the leadership team that secured over $100 million in financing from leading early-stage investors including Insight Partners, Sequoia Capital, Cyberstarts and Stripes. In addition to being a crucial member of Island’s early stage success, Brian also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Coat Systems (which was acquired by Symantec in 2016 where he held the same position), as well as chief architect at Foundstone, which McAfee acquired in 2004.
Island, the Enterprise Browser, is the ideal enterprise workplace, where work flows freely while remaining fundamentally secure. With the core security and IT needs of the enterprise naturally embedded in the browser itself, Island gives organizations complete control, visibility, and governance over the last mile, while delivering the same smooth Chromium-based browser experience users expect. Welcome to work as it should be.
Cara Wolf is a visionary leader in technology with over two decades of experience in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics. As the Founder and CEO of Ammolite Analytx, she drives innovation and excellence, leading the company to global prominence in custom AI technology and information security solutions. Cara's expertise extends to Board roles with organizations like the University of Calgary Board of Governors and the Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association. Committed to diversity and inclusion, she mentors through initiatives such as UN Women and Technovation. Recognized with awards like the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal and Canada's Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity, Cara's dedication to excellence and positive change continues to inspire in the tech industry.
Ammolite Analytx is a formidable force, spearheading innovation in custom AI technology development, advanced information security solutions, and data analytics services. Recognized as one of the Top 25 AI Companies to Watch, Ammolite showcases its commitment to advancing artificial intelligence technology. Moreover, its designation as a Top 10 Innovative Defence Technology Company underscores its pioneering contributions to national security. Additionally, Ammolite Analytx garners honour as the Best Cybersecurity & Data Analytics Technology Developers, reflecting its expertise in crafting cutting-edge solutions for digital asset safeguarding and analysis. The company remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age with confidence and resilience.
Carlson Choi has 20+ years of executive leadership experience defining and operationalizing disruptive industry transformation. Prior to joining Cork as CEO, Carlson was the Chief Digital Officer at Datto, SaaS leader in disaster recovery and cybersecurity. From 2016 to 2020, Carlson was the Global CDIO of Jollibee Foods Corporation. Prior to JFC, Carlson was the VP of Digital and GM of Apps & Games at Mattel from 2013 to 2016. From 2010 to 2013, Carlson was the VP of Marketing and Digital Sales at Bandai Namco. Prior to his role at Bandai Namco, he was the Head of Digital at Activision Blizzard from 2007 to 2010. Carlson previously held multiple business, marketing, and technical operational roles at MSC Software. Carlson holds an EMBA from Harvard Business School, MS and BS from University of California, Irvine, and pursued a Ph.D. with full scholarship at Stanford University.
Cork is a purpose-built cyber warranty company for managed service providers (MSPs) serving small businesses (SMBs) and the software solutions they manage. Its purpose-built platform with AI-enhanced cyber risk engine is designed to offer MSPs and their client’s peace of mind with near-instant coverage and settlements in the aftermath of security incidents. Cork’s revolutionary Protection from the Inside Out TM approach to actionable insights, flexible premiums and claims management puts control in the hands of MSPs and SMBs to protect the digital assets they value most.
Cassie Crossley, Vice President, Supply Chain Security in the global Cybersecurity & Product Security Office at Schneider Electric, is an experienced cybersecurity technology executive in Information Technology and Product Development and author of Software Supply Chain Security: Securing the End-to-End Supply Chain for Software, Firmware, and Hardware. She has many years of business and technical leadership experience in supply chain security, cybersecurity, product/application security, software/firmware development, program management, and data privacy.
Trillions of lines of code help us in our lives, companies, and organizations. But just a single software cybersecurity vulnerability can stop entire companies from doing business and cause billions of dollars in revenue loss and business recovery. Securing the creation and deployment of software, also known as software supply chain security, goes well beyond the software development process. This practical book gives you a comprehensive look at security risks and identifies the practical controls you need to incorporate into your end-to-end software supply chain. Author Cassie Crossley demonstrates how and why everyone involved in the supply chain needs to participate if your organization is to improve the security posture of its software, firmware, and hardware.
Chris ‘Tito’ Sestito is Co-founder & CEO of HiddenLayer, a cybersecurity start-up dedicated to preventing adversarial machine learning attacks. He has over a decade of experience leading global threat research, intelligence, engineering, and data science teams, with a focus on security products at organizations such as Cylance, Qualys and Agari. Tito has delivered cybersecurity and data science training for Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies, led 3rd party product testing engagements, including MITRE, managed research patents, and overseen acquisition transitions for both private equity and public purchases. Tito lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Kristin, son Jon, and daughter Hale
HiddenLayer helps enterprises safeguard the machine learning models behind their most important products with a comprehensive security platform. Only HiddenLayer offers turnkey AI/ML security that does not add unnecessary complexity to models and does not require access to raw data and algorithms. Founded in March of 2022 by experienced security and ML professionals, HiddenLayer is based in Austin, Texas, and is backed by cybersecurity investment specialist firm Ten Eleven Ventures.
Dan Amiga is the Co-Founder and CTO of Island, where he leads all technology, product vision and execution. Island invented and leads the Enterprise Browser Category. Prior to Island, Dan was the Co-Founder and CTO of FireGlass , a company that invented the Remote Browser Isolation space and was acquired in 2017 by Symantec. Previously, Dan was the chief software architect of Schneider Electric and led the security consulting business at the Microsoft technology center in Tel Aviv. Early in his career, Dan has spent years in the IDF 8200 unit as a security expert and technologist.
Island, the Enterprise Browser, is the ideal enterprise workplace, where work flows freely while remaining fundamentally secure. With the core security and IT needs of the enterprise naturally embedded in the browser itself, Island gives organizations complete control, visibility, and governance over the last mile, while delivering the same smooth Chromium-based browser experience users expect. Welcome to work as it should be.
Cyber Security expert and problem solver, 15+ years of enterprise security experience with a strong orientation to Application & Cloud Security. Held several positions in 8200, after which spent several years hopping between defensive and offensive security positions. After having led Application Security and Cloud Security with Sygnia for four years, working with 100+ enterprises on optimizing Cyber resilience, Daniel Co-Founded Cider Security as the company’s CTO.
Cider Security is a first-of-its-kind AppSec Operating System that provides Security and Engineering teams a single, consistent method to orchestrate and implement end-to-end CI/CD security through a single, unified platform. The company takes a holistic approach to the security of the engineering processes and systems, from code to deployment. It establishes a comprehensive Technical DNA of the engineering environment, giving Security teams the transparency and visibility needed to optimize AppSec and achieve full resilience. Founded in late 2020 by cybersecurity industry veterans, Guy Flechter and Daniel Krivelevich, Cider Security's mission is to solve the most commonly encountered challenges CISOs and security engineers face today.
Dan Schiappa is chief product officer at next-generation cybersecurity leader Sophos. He’s a transformational and strategic leader who orchestrates the company’s technical strategy, playing an instrumental role in architecting technologies; overseeing product management and research and development; and ensuring product quality. With a passion for education and inspiring the next generation of cyber talent, Dan also serves as chair of the University of Central Florida’s Dean's Advisory Board, where he oversees various aspects of the school’s elite cybersecurity program.
Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats. Powered by threat intelligence, AI and machine learning from SophosLabs and SophosAI, Sophos delivers a broad portfolio of advanced products and services to secure users, networks and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks. Sophos provides a single integrated cloud-based management console, Sophos Central – the centerpiece of an adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem that features a centralized data lake that leverages a rich set of open APIs available to customers, partners, developers, and other cybersecurity vendors. Sophos sells its products and services through reseller partners and managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide. Sophos is headquartered in Oxford, U.K.
As the Co-Founder and CEO of Dune Security, David DellaPelle is a driving force in the cybersecurity industry. David studied Economics, Management, History, and Business at Cornell University. He was awarded the namesake Andre Koo Tech Scholarship at NYU, where he received his MBA. David was a security product and revenue leader at successful Cybersecurity and AI companies like Perimeter 81, At-Bay, Waycare, and began his career in management consulting at EY.
Dune Security is at the forefront of addressing the most critical cybersecurity challenge for enterprises: employee-based cyber risks. 80% of breaches begin due to employee error, a dynamic exacerbated by generative AI enabling hackers to specifically target thousands of employees. Dune Security builds AI models to quantify and automatically remediate individual risks by analyzing user behavioral and contextual data, thus transforming vulnerabilities into strengths. Dune Security is a pivotal solution in the current cybersecurity landscape, equipping CISOs with the essential tools needed for identifying and managing high-risk employees. This approach includes automated remediation and strategic access restrictions to bolster organizational safety. Uniquely replacing outdated security awareness training, Dune Security focuses on the critical 8% of employees responsible for more than 80% of the risk. Offering machine learning-driven training tailored to individual risk profiles, along with robust reporting and API-out capabilities, Dune Security enhances the ROI of existing network, identity, and email Security infrastructure. This positions Dune Security not just as a useful tool for compliance automation, but as an indispensable platform for proactive risk management in modern cybersecurity.
David Goldschlag is CEO of Aembit, a Workload IAM startup. David previously founded several companies, including New Edge Labs which is now Netskope's Zero Trust Network Access offering. Early in his career, David worked for the NSA and NRL. David is a co-inventor of Onion Routing, now known as Tor, and has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin
From the Episode: Having people that you like to work with, that you trust is really important as well as it makes the journey more fun. When we've started companies before, we've always used, a combination of our own sense of where the market is happening and sense of what's difficult technology. But also you gotta listen to customers. There's always a roller coaster, and we try to sort of stand even keel. It's never quite as good as the day you got Cool Vendor, and it's never quite as bad as your worst customer call. Aembit: Aembit is the Workload Identity and Access Manager (IAM) platform that puts identity at the center of securing workload to workload across clouds, to SaaS apps, to databases, and to 3rd party APIs. Aembit lets you manage access instead of secrets, provides conditional access, and eliminates the need for developers to code AuthN. Aembit is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity First Security.
Dave Greenfield is a veteran of IT industry. He’s spent more than 20 years as an award-winning journalist and independent technology consultant. Today, he serves as a secure networking evangelist for Cato Networks.
Cato provides enterprises a converged SD-WAN and network security platform, delivered as a global cloud service. Aligned with Gartner's Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, Cato Cloud connects all data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into an agile and secure global network. Our service empowers you to connect, secure, and run the network yourself, and supports you with expert managed services if you need them. Cato's cloud-native architecture delivers a future-proof network that evolves at the pace of your business. With Cato, your network, and your business, are ready for whatever comes next.
Dheeraj Joshi has spent over 27 years in the industry spanning from setting up large enterprise networks, and catering to network security, process automation and securing large and complex environments with a focus on identity and related controls. Dheeraj is very passionate about building technology platforms and over the years has acquired a lot of knowledge about identity management, system integration, and setup and testing of controls and control effectiveness. Dheeraj is an industrial engineer by education, is certified in TOGAF 9 for a deeper understanding in enterprise architecture principles as well as project management (PMP) to ensure successful delivery. He went to market with BAAR technologies in 2017 and has been instrumental in automating various complex technology risk controls for enterprise organizations
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BAAR technologies (formerly Allied Media), went to market in 2017 with a focus to transform every aspect of digital identity governance and administration. The vision is to make this a completely no touch process. BAAR, the foundational product is a low code, drag and drop infrastructure automation platform, with native data engineering, infrastructure workflow, RPA and machine learning capabilities. BAAR has prebuilt configurable workflows that can connect to any new age or legacy system and automate every aspect of identity administration and governance. BAAR also tests identity related control effectiveness ensuring there are no gaps in security or audit from an identity perspective. BAAR technologies, has helped multiple enterprise and mid-market customers with transformation of how they managed their identities.
Dino Boukouris is a Founding & Managing Director at Momentum Cyber, the premier strategic advisor to the Cybersecurity industry. Dino has spent over 16 years in the technology industry with expertise in cybersecurity, finance, strategy, operations, and venture capital & private equity. Dino has been a speaker at Cybersecurity conferences across the country including the RSA Conference, Cybertech Tel Aviv, Structure Security, Global Cyberspace Coop Summit, IoT Security Panel, M&A East, as well as at numerous private events and corporate gatherings. Dino was also professional faculty at the University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business, where he taught a top ranked Venture Capital & Private Equity course for the MBA program.
Momentum Cyber provides world-class M&A and strategic advice combined with unparalleled senior-level access to the Cybersecurity ecosystem. We advise on a broad range of strategic activities, including mergers and acquisitions, board & special situations, corporate strategy & development, corporate finance, and operational excellence.
Retired Navy Chief Cryptologist with more than 19 years experience in Cyber Forensic and Analytic Operations and offering deep technical expertise, advanced education, various certifications and operational experience seeks to provide an employer with an unrivaled level of performance and know-how in the realm of cyber operations and forensic analysis. Chase has operations experience ranging from cyber forensics, analytics, and offensive and defensive cyber operations gained while functioning in highly technical and operationally demanding work centers within the NSA, CIA, FBI and other government agencies.
Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Forrester works with business and technology leaders to drive customer-obsessed vision, strategy, and execution that accelerate growth. Forrester’s unique insights are grounded in annual surveys of more than 690,000 consumers and business leaders worldwide, rigorous and objective methodologies, and the shared wisdom of our most innovative clients. Through proprietary research, data and analytics, custom consulting, exclusive peer groups, certifications, and events, we are revolutionizing how businesses grow in the age of the customer.
Emile is a devops/software developer turned entrepreneur. Prior to Caido, he worked on cloud software and architecture for a range of businesses from startups to fortune 500. If not working on Caido, you will generally find him contributing to Rust open source projects.
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Caido is a lightweight web security auditing toolkit that helps security professionals and enthusiasts audit web applications with efficiency and ease
Emiliano Berenbaum has more than 25 years of experience in software development and engineering, and is a pioneer of cloud single sign-on and user management solutions. Currently, he serves as CEO of Trustle, which offers solutions for achieving identity threat detection and response (ITDR). He was previously Chief Technologist of the Cloudless Division for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) following HPE’s 2020 acquisition of Scytale, a company Berenbaum co-founded and served as CTO until the company’s exit. During his time at Scytale, he helped create the SPIFFE standard and SPIRE implementation, both of which were accepted into and graduated from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
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Trustle simplifies needs-based access control and enables a more secure and efficient cloud environment. With Trustle, system owners can create a comprehensive catalog of permissions and policies that allow front-line users to request access or be granted temporary, just-in-time, or until-revoked access. Trustle helps developers, citizen developers, teams and organizations manage access-at-risk within minutes, establish new strategies and structure to protect business data within days, and improve and accelerate compliance.
PhD Dropout, GCP Architect, PMP, CEH, CISM, CRSIC Previously worked with Royal Bank of Canada, Cysiv, Huawei, Orange, and co-founded multiple companies. Won numerous cyber data science innovation competitions in Yale, Northwestern and Princeton universities. Alma mater: Harvard Business School, University of Waterloost 5 labs in the world in Security, AI & Algorithms research] and a serial entrepreneur.
Fernando is a Senior Principal Analyst on Omdia’s cybersecurity research team, based in Toronto, Canada. He focuses on the Infrastructure Security Intelligence Service, which provides vendors, service providers, and enterprise clients with insights and data on network security, content security, and more. Fernando’s experience in enterprise security environments includes network security, security architecture, cloud security, endpoint security, content security, and antifraud. He has a deep interest in the economic aspects of cybersecurity and is a regular speaker at industry events. Before joining Omdia in 2021, Fernando was an industry analyst with 451 Research. He previously held a variety of operations, consulting, and sales engineering roles over his 25+ years in cybersecurity, always focusing on enterprise security at organizations including vArmour, RSA, Crossbeam, Hewlett Packard, and Nutec/Terra. Fernando holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science.
Omdia, part of Informa Tech, is a technology research and advisory group. Our deep knowledge of tech markets combined with our actionable insights empower organizations to make smart growth decisions. To learn more, visit Omdia was formed in 2020 following the merger of IHS Markit, Tractica, Ovum and Heavy Reading. Sitting at the heart of the Informa Tech portfolio, Omdia reaches over four million technology decision makers, influencers and practitioners that form part of the wider Informa Tech community and has specialist research practices focusing on Enterprise IT, AI, Internet of Things, Communications Service Providers, Cybersecurity, Components & Devices, Media & Entertainment and Government & Manufacturing.
Frédéric Grelot began his career at CNES in Toulouse, spending three years in the Spacecraft's Embedded Computers department. There, he worked on designing a hardened computer chip for satellites and handled its validation from VHDL to integration in a satellite model and simulated space environment. In 2012, he joined the cyberdefense teams of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, specializing in reverse-engineering of computer systems and programs for seven years
GLIMPS is a cybersecurity company established in 2019 by four experts with a background in reverse engineering. It offers innovative cybersecurity solutions leveraging a proprietary technology capable of automatically reading and understanding computer code. This technology is designed to enhance the detection and automation of binary analysis and threat identification, significantly boosting existing defense lines against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. GLIMPS's solutions, which include GLIMPS Malware, are available in both SaaS and On-premise formats, catering to a broad spectrum of French and international companies and governmental bodies. The firm has achieved recognition within the cybersecurity community, evidenced by prices such as the European Cyber Week award, twice in a row.
Gadi Bashvitz is a highly effective sales and customer success executive with 20+ years experience holding product, marketing, customer success and sales positions. Gadi started his Cyber career in the 8200 unit of the IDF and since then he has founded and successfully grew multiple companies in various industries. Gadi has an exceptional ability to distill the essence from complex concepts and communicate them to customers, the team and in various speaking events. He takes a proactive and critical approach to any challenge, identify the opportunity it presents and take advantage of the opportunity. Gadi is the President & Chief Customer Officer at NeuraLegion, driving the DevSecOps revolution.
NeuraLegion provides solutions for Application security from build to compliance. We offer a developer focused API & Application DAST automation platform. Enhancing DevOps & CI/CD by removing human bottlenecks with no false positives and business logic attacks. Reducing reliance on manual testing, integrated early & often to detect & fix security issues before they hit production.
Ganesh Pai is the Founder & CEO of Uptycs. He was previously Chief Architect, Carrier Products & Strategy for Akamai Technologies, a leading provider of content delivery network services. Prior to Akamai, Ganesh was Founder & VP Systems Architecture of Verivue. Prior to Verivue, he was Principal Architect for NetDevices. Prior to NetDevices, Ganesh served as Engineering Manager and Software Architect for Sonus Networks. He is a Boston-based entrepreneur and technologist and has been awarded multiple U.S. patents. Ganesh received a BE degree in electronics and communication engineering from Mangalore University and a MS in computer science from Temple University.
Uptycs, the first unified CNAPP and XDR platform, reduces risk by prioritizing your responses to threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, sensitive data exposure, and compliance mandates across clouds, containers, servers, and workspaces—all from a single UI and data model. Only Uptycs gives you the ability to tie together threat activity as it traverses on-prem and cloud boundaries. The result is a cloud security early warning system that identifies and stops threat actors before they can access critical data and services in the cloud. Take control of your security data, get the correlated insights you care about most, faster, and take decisive action.
Gareth Rushgrove is VP of Product at Snyk, working remotely from Cambridge, UK, helping to build interesting tools for people to better secure infrastructure and applications. He has previously worked for the UK Government focused on infrastructure, operations and information security, as well as at Puppet and Docker. When not working he can be found curating the Devops Weekly newsletter, hiking or reading a good book.
Snyk is a developer-first platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Snyk’s developer-first approach enables technology-driven companies to scale security in today’s fast-paced digitally transforming world. Snyk today enables over 2.5 million developers to build securely, with a vision to empower every developer to develop fast and stay secure.
Gil Azrielant is co-founder and CTO of Axis Security. Gil is responsible for technology strategy and the development of the company’s cloud-based zero-trust application access platform. Prior to joining Axis Security, Gil was co-founder & CTO of Cool Cousin, a cloud-based platform for travelers looking to unlock outstanding travel experiences. Gil’s cybersecurity career began in the elite Unit 8200 of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps, where he worked on advanced cyber security and code decryption. He served five years inside this elite unit, working as a researcher and team leader. Gil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and graduated magna cum laude from IDC Herzliya, one of Israel's leading academic institutions.
Axis Security’s fast, simple, and secure approach to application access is built on a zero-trust, agentless-first approach. Application Access Cloud enables more use cases, covering more apps than any other access solution, keeping users off the network and away from the apps themselves. Axis eliminates the need for VPNs, VDIs, network changes, or agents on every device. With Application Access Cloud deployment is fast, access is easy, and the organization is more secure than ever.
Greg Irwin is Co-Founder and Moderator at BWG Strategy and has 20+ years of experience in the Technology market. Having spent nearly a decade at Avaya and the last seven years moderating industry forums on everything from Enterprise Software, Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure and beyond, Greg has a fantastic pulse technology trends, tech roadmaps, and which solution vendors are on the cutting edge of innovation. From 1994-2001, Greg worked in investment banking at Salmon Smith Barney / Citigroup covering Technology/Telecom. Greg earned a Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth College. He lives in Westfield, NJ with his wife Hillary and two children.
Through its virtual forums, BWG Strategy brings together skilled professionals to share experiences, learn and build valuable relationships all while providing timely primary research on real world trends and unique insights.
Greg Pepper is a Security Architect and Evangelist with over 13 years at Check Point Software Technolgies. Greg has been an IT professional for 20+ years with expertise in Security, Networking & Cloud Computing. Prior to Check Point, Greg has worked at well-known companies like Cisco, Sony Online Entertainment, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Organic.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers multilevel security architecture, “Infinity” Total Protection with Gen V advanced threat prevention, which defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device held information. Check Point provides the most comprehensive and intuitive, consolidated and effective security solutions in the marketplace. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.
Ian Garrett is the CEO and co-founder of Phalanx, an innovative provider of Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA). Ian is a cybersecurity and artificial intelligence expert, researcher, entrepreneur, and speaker. Prior to Phalanx, Ian worked as a Program Manager and Data Scientist in the defense contracting industry as well as spent a number of years as an active duty US Army Cyber Corps officer where he both developed cyber capabilities, and led operations. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from West Point (United States Military Academy), an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and conducts cybersecurity & artificial intelligence research in support of his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.
Phalanx reduces data breach risk by bringing security & visibility to data outside databases. When security decisions are left in the hands of the end-user it gets in the way of their workflow, and doesn't allow for guaranteed security. Phalanx solves for this by leveraging automation so employees only have to worry about their job - leave the security to us.
Jack Britton is the Director of Sales Engineering for Talon Cybersecurity. Jack is a Marine Veteran and Cybersecurity professional with over 15 years of experience. He has led as a National Practice Director at a $1.5 Billion VAR/Consulting company. There he led Offensive Security, Digital Forensic and Incident Response, Executive Digital Protection Services, and Managed Security Evaluation Services. He is an RSA Scholar and has earned both B.S and Masters in Science in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland Global Campus. Jack volunteers to support Global Humanitarian Aid needs and he is an advisor with the National Child Protection Task Force.
Talon is enabling and securing the distributed workforce by creating the first browser-based workspace that was designed with built-in security for the modern and hybrid workforce, working from anywhere and on any device. Talon simplifies the company's security stack, with rapid end-to-end deployment which allows a robust endpoint-agnostic security posture.
Currently as a Developer Advocate and Product Manager, James leads all strategic and product integrations for Checkmarx – a leader in Application Security Testing Solutions. He comes with fifteen years of software engineering experience in network protocol and kernel development. In his spare time, he volunteers mentoring Computer Science high school students in the Bay Area. He is an active “maker”, and his main hobby is following IoT technology and trends.
Checkmarx is the global leader in software security solutions for modern enterprise software development. Checkmarx delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Software Security Platform that unifies with DevOps and provides static and interactive application security testing, software composition analysis, and developer application security awareness and training programs to reduce and remediate risk from software vulnerabilities. Checkmarx is trusted by more than 40 percent of the Fortune 100 and half of the Fortune 50, including leading organizations such as SAP, Samsung, and
Jason Garbis is Senior Vice President of Products for Appgate, responsible for the company security product strategy and product management, and held a similar leadership role at Cryptzone prior to its acquisition by Appgate/Cyxtera. Garbis is also co-chair of the SDP Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, where he helps lead research and publication initiatives.
Appgate is a secure access company that provides cybersecurity solutions for people, devices and systems based on the principles of Zero Trust security. Through a set of differentiated cloud and hybrid security products, Appgate enables enterprises to easily and effectively shield against cyber threats. Appgate serves 3,960 customers across more than 30 countries.
Jason Georgi is an accomplished technology executive with 25 years of experience. He is currently the Field Chief Technology Officer for Prisma Access and SaaS at Palo Alto Networks, specializing in cloud security. Prior, Jason was at Zscaler and GE.
Palo Alto Networks help address the world's greatest security challenges with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. By delivering an integrated platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of partners, PaloAlto is at the forefront of protecting tens of thousands of organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices.
Jian Zhen is a Product Manager for Google Cloud Security’s BeyondCorp Enterprise solution. He has 20 years of experience in the security industry and has worked in various areas including cloud security, EDR, and SIEM. Most recently, Jian was a co-founder of TrustPath that delivered a real-time threat prevention solution. Prior to that, Jian was the SVP of Products at Endgame, an endpoint detection and response company. Jian was also the Director of Cloud Solutions at VMware that delivered vCloud solutions for telcos and data center operators.
BeyondCorp is Google's implementation of the zero trust model. It builds upon a decade of experience at Google, combined with ideas and best practices from the community. By shifting access controls from the network perimeter to individual users, BeyondCorp enables secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN.
Jim Fulton is Forcepoint’s director of Cloud and Edge Protection solutions. He has been developing and delivering enterprise access and security products for more than 20 years in both Austin and Silicon Valley. He holds a degree in Computer Science from MIT.
Forcepoint is the global cybersecurity leader for user and data protection. Forcepoint’s behavior-based solutions adapt to risk in real-time and are delivered through a converged security platform that protects network users and cloud access, prevents confidential data from leaving the corporate network, and eliminates breaches caused by insiders. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for thousands of enterprise and government customers and their employees in more than 150 countries.
Joshua Crumbaugh is a captivating and globally renowned cybersecurity thought leader, esteemed author, and sought-after keynote speaker. With an illustrious career in ethical hacking, Joshua possesses an unrivaled track record of effortlessly breaching even the most fortified networks. His extraordinary accomplishments extend beyond digital barriers, as he has masterfully executed ingenious social engineering exploits, infiltrating impregnable fortresses like bank vaults, Fortune 500 data centers, corporate headquarters, exclusive casino zones, and numerous other restricted domains. Such unmatched expertise in the realm of security instilled in Joshua a deep conviction that transformative action was imperative. Consequently, he founded PhishFirewall, where he currently serves as the visionary Chief Technology Officer. Joshua Crumbaugh stands unrivaled as one of the world's foremost ethical hackers, spearheading a new era of cybersecurity excellence.
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PhishFirewall is a comprehensive security awareness training and phishing simulation platform that helps organizations protect themselves from phishing attacks. It uses a variety of techniques to help organizations educate their employees about phishing threats, identify employees who are at risk of being phished, and provide targeted training and support to reduce the risk of phishing attacks.
Kieran Miller is the Chief Architect at Garantir, a cybersecurity company based in San Diego, California. Before joining Garantir, Kieran spent more than 10 years working in cybersecurity, including 8 years with Leidos, a major defense contractor, and several years with Gemalto, which was later acquired by Thales, followed by multiple years as a senior security consultant. With over a decade of cybersecurity experience, Kieran has expertise in multiple dimensions of enterprise security, from data security and identity access management to secure software development.
Garantir is a cybersecurity company that provides advanced cryptographic solutions to the enterprise. The Garantir team has worked on the security needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. At the core of Garantir’s philosophy is the belief that securing business infrastructure and data should not hinder performance or interrupt day-to-day operations. With GaraSign, Garantir’s flagship product, private keys remain secured at all times, while a client-side hashing architecture ensures high performance for all cryptographic operations, including code signing, SSH, S/MIME, document signing, TLS, secure backup, and more.
Lee Kappon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Suridata. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, she was listed in Forbes' 30 under 30 list. Lee has initiated and managed the development of innovative tech solutions for companies. Lee holds an MBA from TLV University and served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.
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Suridata’s SaaS Security platform enables organizations to secure the use of SaaS applications. Companies rely on our solution to identify risks of misconfigurations, third-party integrations, and users' access. Once risks have been identified, the platform provides a remediation process according to best practices and security frameworks.
Mariana Padilla is the co-founder and CEO of HACKERverse (Recently known as KIKrr). She is a self-described smasher of status quos and there’s nothing she hates more than being told “this is the way we’ve always done it.” Mariana initially joined HACKERverse because she has personally experienced the pain of purchasing enterprise software and was immediately on board with the vision of disrupting the traditional sales process. The challenge of solving the software sales problem lights her up and she won’t stop until she’s successful in creating a buyer-led sales motion for the cybersecurity industry.
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The HACKERverse is an Esports platform and marketplace for cybersecurity. Their automated demo marketplace gives enterprise cybersecurity buyers the ability to kick the tires on software they're considering in on-demand sandbox environments while their World Hacker Games events provide real time validation of products. HACKERverse is shifting the paradigm and is making buying cybersecurity software an engaging process that requires zero guesswork or headaches
Marina is an entrepreneur and leader in the Cloud Protection Space, with a track record of enabling Dome9 (acquired by Check Point) and Sysdig to become leaders in the Cloud Security Market. Marina brings over 17 years of global experience in Cyber Security, MSSP, Risk Management, Compliance and Governance and is currently a board member of the Cloud Security Alliance Seattle Chapter.
Tamnoon is a Managed Cloud Protection Service that enhances cloud security by utilizing your existing security tools. With the combination of human expertise and proprietary technology, Tamnoon prioritizes critical security tasks, optimizes processes, and provides tailored prevention and automation solutions to boost the productivity of your security team and ensure comprehensive protection of your cloud.
Michael is an experienced cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the co-founder and CEO of, a rapidly growing cloud-focused security services provider. works with over 200 cloud-focused technology companies to help develop their cyber security programs and ensure the security of their organization.
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Mike is on a mission to simplify cybersecurity for small businesses. The solution to protecting businesses from cybercrime lies in empowering the people. Mike and his crew founded Iceberg Cyber in 2022 to find the nexus between effective communication and high-tech tools so that every small business can stay safe in our digital world.
Iceberg Cyber is pioneering the cyber version of a credit score for small businesses. With 90% of cyber crime being preventable, a little effort in cyber hygiene can go a long way in preventing pain. With Iceberg's Cyber Scores, business owners can understand how well they are secured and learn practical steps to improve. Our 24/7 Cyber Monitoring helps you stay on top of cyber security and makes sure you invest in IT only where it's needed. That's cyber simplified
Michael Koyfman is the Head of Global Solution Architecture at Netskope. He and his team advise Netskope customers on best practices around Netskope deployments and integrating Netskope solutions within customer environment by leveraging integration with customer technology ecosystem. Michael also actively participates in helping drive and adopt new Netskope products, such as Netskope Private Access and Next-Generation Secure Web Gateway within Netskope customer base. Prior to Netskope, Michael spent almost 13 years at F5 Networks as Senior Global Solution Architect, where he was focused on the entire portfolio of F5 security products, and has been a key contributor to implementation, strategy, and evolution of F5 security solutions and portfolio. Michael helped architect, develop, and demonstrate various unique solutions and integration with various technology and players such as Microsoft, Citrix, Vmware, Okta, Ping, IBM, CrowdStrike, AWS, Azure.
The Netskope security cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope understands the cloud and delivers data-centric security from one of the world’s largest and fastest security networks, empowering the largest organizations in the world with the right balance of protection and speed they need to enable business velocity and secure their digital transformation journey. Reimagine your perimeter with Netskope.
Mike founded DeepCove in 2022 with the goal of providing industry-leading solutions to organizations in need of cybersecurity. With over two decades of experience in cybersecurity, Mike has held multiple leadership roles throughout the private and public sector. Mike previously spent time with Google, New York City Cyber Command, and Mandiant. Mike holds a M.Sc in Information Security from the University of London, Royal Holloway along with various industry certifications.
DeepCove Cybersecurity delivers solutions designed to protect your organization against both current and emerging cyber threats. Our focus is on safeguarding your data and maintaining uninterrupted operations. Our experienced team excels in the early detection of potential cyber threats, rapid response to prevent damage, and support in recovery from breaches. We continuously monitor to defend your business from evolving online threats. We also help you elevate compliance beyond just adhering to industry regulations and standards, ensuring your business achieves and remains compliant and manages emerging risks. We go further by assessing the security measures of your partners and supplies and equip your teams to be aware of cyber threats. We provide you with the solutions and support you need to keep your business’s data and assets safe from cyber threats.
Mike Schuricht is the VP of Product Management at Forcepoint. Prior to that, he was the SVP of Product Management at Bitglass. He has a background in the development of innovative enterprise security products, with expertise in configuration management and user-interface design. Mike joined Bitglass from Palo Alto Networks where he was responsible for security management and user-interface strategy for both Panorama and PAN-OS. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Mike held technical marketing and engineering roles at Mentor Graphics for the Advanced Mixed-Signal product line. Mike holds an MS and BS in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Forcepoint is the global cybersecurity leader for user and data protection. Forcepoint’s behavior-based solutions adapt to risk in real-time and are delivered through a converged security platform that protects network users and cloud access, prevents confidential data from leaving the corporate network, and eliminates breaches caused by insiders. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for thousands of enterprise and government customers and their employees in more than 150 countries.
A cyber security expert with over 20 years of experience as a global CISO and cyber security professional, from the military to the enterprise, Moty has led information security for major enterprises, including Telefonica, Dunnhumby (Tesco), Traiana, and CME group. He is a founder of the influential group CyberKingdom – a CISO network that includes more than 200 CISOs from various industries across the UK.
SURF provides users with freedom of work, letting them interact with applications, data, and each other securely. It addresses the critical business asset neglected by security experts for years. SURF Security has transformed the browser into your strongest security asset while providing complete end-user privacy – all with full compliance. SURF insists on identity-first access to all SaaS and corporate assets through this centralized platform to guarantee a secured and frictionless user experience. SURF enhances security, performance, and productivity for end-users and applications – faster than ever before.
Nadir Izrael guides the technology vision for Armis. Drawing from his deep programming and software engineering expertise, he has overseen the rapid evolution of the Armis platform to provide complete asset visibility and security for every enterprise asset. Nadir co-founded Armis in 2015 with his friend and army colleague, Yevgeny Dibrov, after the two started looking for new and interesting problems to solve in technology. Prior to founding Armis, Nadir spent four years as a senior software manager at Google, working on Google Maps and Google Autocomplete. He began his career in the Israel Defense Forces in the elite Unit 8200 intelligence corps where he served first as a software developer and then as a team leader, ultimately achieving the rank of captain.
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Armis offers the markets leading asset intelligence platform designed to address the new threat landscape that connected devices create 40 Fortune 100 companies trust our real-time, and continuous protection to see with full context all managed, unmanaged assets across IT, Cloud, IoT devices, medical devices (IoMT), operational technology (OT), industrial control systems (ICS), and 5G.
Nathan Howe has 20+ years in security experience across a multitude of organisations including governments enterprises and telco service providers. As a Director for Transformation Strategy, Nathan leverages this experience as an Architect, Pen Tester, Manager and Security Assessor to help guide companies through their transformation challenges. Prior to joining the Zscaler team in 2016 Nathan ended his 12 years at Nestle by successfully delivering Nestle´s Global Cyber Security Compliance.
Zscaler accelerates digital transformation so customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient, and secure. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location. Distributed across more than 150 data centers globally, the SASE-based Zero Trust Exchange is the world’s largest in-line cloud security platform.
Prior to joining Menlo Security as Vice President, Product Management, Nick was CEO of GradientOne. He previously served as Vice President of Marketing and Products with Silver Tail Systems where he led all aspects of product management and marketing. Nick has also held a variety of management positions with Cisco Systems. During his time at Cisco, he built a team of 35 people managing security products with an annual run rate of $500 Million. Nick holds an MBA in Finance from Harvard Business School and a BS in Control Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.
Menlo distinguishes itself from competitors by challenging the traditional approach to protecting against web-based threats with its patented isolation technology, which ensures that customers can enforce the highest security irrespective of where their users are located or what device they are using to work with and access the Internet. Menlo’s unique architecture is inherently capable of meeting the dynamic elastic scale needed to support changing traffic patterns for its customers worldwide. This proven approach supports security first customers and isolates all users and traffic anywhere in the world.
Nicolas is Field CTO at Lacework and responsible for providing technical leadership in Cloud Security to our customers, partners and product groups. He has over 20 years of expertise in security products and virtual platform deployments with global Tier-1 Communication Service Providers and large enterprises worldwide in a CTO and Field CTO capacity. Author of multiple patents in the field of Telecommunications, 5G, Digital Advertising, Security, and Analytics, Nicolas continues to provide Cloud Security insights and leadership from the Greater Toronto Area where he resides.
Lacework is the data-driven cloud security company. It’s the only company to deliver end-to-end visibility and automated insight into risk across multicloud environments so organizations of all shapes and sizes can innovate with speed and safety. Lacework sees security not as a blocker, but as an enabler for innovation — and automation as the path to transformative business outcomes.
Nim Nadarajah is a Senior Technology Executive with over 20 years of leadership experience. Nim is a trusted advisor to CxOs, VPs, and Directors at many levels. Skilled in helping executives define and execute their technology and business systems transformation visions, he has worked in many different industry sectors such as healthcare, bio-technology, capital markets, insurance, manufacturing, and energy. Nim has honed his coaching and mentoring skills, managed globally dispersed teams, and lists his key areas of focus as Enterprise Technology and Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance, and CIO Advisory.
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CriticalMatrix helps enable secure transformative growth. - Leadership as-a-service (vCISO, vCIO) – Fractional or Interim - Governance & Compliance - Strategic Planning
Noa Zilberman is the co-founder and Chief Product at Odo Security, a Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) startup recently acquired by Check Point. Odo is a clientless, cloud-hosted platform for easy and secure access to corporate resources without VPNs. Before Odo, Noa served in unit 8200 as a network researcher, leading an independent project resulting in new capabilities for the Israeli army.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers multilevel security architecture, “Infinity” Total Protection with Gen V advanced threat prevention, which defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device held information. Check Point provides the most comprehensive and intuitive, consolidated and effective security solutions in the marketplace. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.
Friedrichs serves as Founder and CEO at Pangea, driving the vision and direction of Pangea's Security Platform as a Service. Friedrichs formerly served as Vice President, Security Products at Splunk. With a record in building four successful enterprise security companies over the past two decades, Friedrichs served as Founder and CEO at Phantom, acquired by Splunk in 2018. Prior to Phantom, Friedrichs founded Immunet, acquired by Sourcefire in 2010 and a key component to Cisco's acquisition of Sourcefire in 2013; now thriving as Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Friedrichs co-founded SecurityFocus (Bugtraq) and led DeepSight, the world's first Internet early warning system, acquired by Symantec in 2002
Pangea obsessed with building products that make the world a more secure place. Over the course of our careers Pangea built countless enterprise products at both startups and companies like Splunk, Cisco, Symantec, and McAfee. In every case Pangea had to write security features from scratch. Pangea is the first Security Platform as a Service (SPaaS) which unifies the fragmented world of security into a simple set of APIs for developers to call directly into their apps. The platform offers foundational security services such as Authentication, Authorization, Audit Logging, Secrets Management, Entitlement and Licensing. Other security functions include PII Redaction, Embargo, as well as File, IP, URL and Domain intelligence.Just as you would use AWS for compute, Twilio for communications, or Stripe for payments - Pangea provides security functions directly into your apps
Omri Weinberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of DoControl. Omri brings 16 years of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and operations. Prior to founding DoControl, Omri was a General Manager USA at SafeDK, where he led customer acquisition, sales strategy, and US operations. There he helped grow the company from $5K to $3M ARR in two years resulting in a successful acquisition by AppLovin. Before SafeDK, Omri was a Senior Vice President of Performance Marketing at Matomy Media Group, where he led 60 full-time employees to acquire thousands of new customers globally, and grow sales to $80M. Before Matomy, Omri Co-Founded GETONIC, a marketplace for digital goods, raising $2M from The Time VC.
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DoControl is an agentless, event-driven SaaS Security Platform (SSP) that secures business-critical SaaS applications and data. DoControl helps organizations expose their SaaS risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows. DoControl’s SSP uncovers all SaaS users, third-party collaborators, assets and metadata, OAuth applications, groups, and activity events. DoControl helps reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and mitigate insider risk without slowing down business enablement.
Patrick Foxhoven is the CIO and Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Zscaler. He is an experienced and innovative managed security entrepreneur and technologist, having spent 20 years building secure and scalable internet-enabled networks while co-authoring three books on information security and receiving multiple patents. He is currently Chief Information Officer & Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Zscaler.
Zscaler accelerates digital transformation so customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient, and secure. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location. Distributed across more than 150 data centers globally, the SASE-based Zero Trust Exchange is the world’s largest in-line cloud security platform.
Paul Martini is the CEO, Co-founder and chief architect of iboss. Prior to founding iboss, Paul was key architect for a wide-variety of complex security and technology solutions for clients such as Phogenix, the U.S. Navy, and Hewlett Packard. He was also a key contributor at Copper Mountain Networks which was a pioneer in introducing broadband networks used by Telcos to build the cloud. Paul has been recognized for his leadership and innovation, receiving the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award and being named one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs.
The iboss cloud platform delivers all network security capabilities in the cloud via a SaaS offering. This eliminates the need for traditional network security appliances allowing organizations to secure network traffic from anywhere, at any scale, while reducing costs and complexity. The future of network security is in the cloud and iboss can make that a reality today as a robust implementation of the Gartner SASE model.
Paul Vallée is a Canadian data specialist and businessperson. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tehama, a company offering a secure virtual-workforce platform in a Software as a Service paradigm.
Tehama is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce. With our SaaS platform, you can create cloud-based virtual offices, rooms, and desktops anywhere in the world in minutes. Unlike other solutions requiring shipped laptops, VPN, or traditional VDI, Tehama can run in any web browser on any device. Tehama is SOC 2 Type II-certified and ensures the highest level of compliance via policy controls, forensic auditing, and activity monitoring.
Petrica Ruta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arcanna AI, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) software company that leverages data, deep learning, and automation, helping cybersecurity experts to better address the present & future challenges of the industry. continuously learns from existing enterprise cybersecurity experts and scales your team’s capacity to deal with threats by automating decision and post-decision tasks with the help of AI, freeing up time for your analysts to focus on keeping your business secure.
Poornima co-founded Menlo Security, bringing years of product management experience to the table. For her achievements, she has been included in the Forbes 50 Over 50: Entrepreneurs list, Inc.’s Female Founders List and the Economic Times Trailblazers list. Before Menlo, she was a product management executive at Juniper Networks, responsible for cloud security, security management, and security analytics. She joined Juniper via its acquisition of Altor Networks, where she was vice president of product management and business development. Prior to that, she was head of business development at Check Point in product management and engineering roles. Poornima holds an MSCS from Arizona State University.
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Menlo Security protects organizations from cyberattacks by eliminating the threat of malware from the web, documents, and email. Menlo Security’s Browser Security solution is cloud-native, eliminates malware threats completely, connects to the enterprise from anywhere, and scales elastically based on real-time traffic patterns and demands. Menlo Security is trusted by major global businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, eight of the ten largest global financial services institutions, and large governmental institutions. The company is backed by Vista Equity Partners, Neuberger Berman, General Catalyst, American Express Ventures, Ericsson Ventures, HSBC, and JPMorgan Chase. Menlo Security is headquartered in Mountain View, California
Rafi is an accomplished information security professional with over fifteen years of experience helping Canadian companies secure and monitor their networks. Prior to joining Fortinet as a Systems Engineer, Rafi worked with Fortune 25 companies to analyze, decode, and respond to Advanced Persistent Threats from one of North America’s premier Security Operations Centres. Building on this experience, Rafi was charged with architecting and implementing advanced security and monitoring infrastructure protecting sensitive corporate and government data on a global basis. Rafi holds several industry certifications from the SANS institute.
The Fortinet Security Fabric platform secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. More than 455,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their organizations.
Richard Stiennon is Chief Research Analyst for IT-Harvest, the firm he founded in 2005 to cover the 3,700+ vendors that make up the IT security industry. He has presented on the topic of cybersecurity in 32 countries on six continents. He was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University in Australia. He is the author of Surviving Cyberwar (Government Institutes, 2010) and Washington Post Best Seller, There Will Be Cyberwar. His research appears on Substack. Stiennon was Chief Strategy Officer for Blancco Technology Group, the Chief Marketing Officer for Fortinet, Inc. and VP Threat Research at Webroot Software. Prior to that he was VP Research at Gartner. He has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, and his MA in War in the Modern World from King’s College, London. His latest book Security Yearbook 2024 will be published by Wiley in June, 2024.
IT-Harvest is an industry analyst firm that has built and curates the only database of cybersecurity products. Clients include VCs, private equity, and security architects. Visit
Rick is the CSO, Chief Analyst and Senior Fellow at N2K Cyberwire. His prior jobs include CSO for Palo Alto Networks, CISO for TASC, GM for iDefense, Global SOC Director for Counterpane, and Commander for the U.S. Army’s Computer Emergency Response Team (ACERT) where he coordinated network defense, network intelligence and network attack operations for the Army's global network. He was one of the founding organizers of the Cyber Threat Alliance (an ISAC for security vendors) and he also created and still participates in the Cybersecurity Canon Project; a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for cybersecurity books. Rick holds a Master of Computer Science degree from the Naval Postgraduate School and an engineering degree from the US Military Academy. He also taught computer science at the Academy from 1993 to 1999. He has published one book on cybersecurity and has been the editor for two others.
N2K Networks launched in October 2022 with its first two brands: CyberWire, the world's leading B2B cybersecurity audio network, and CyberVista, an industry leader in data-driven cybersecurity training. The news to knowledge network is how you succeed in a rapidly changing world. We help professionals and enterprises succeed by getting them up the knowledge curve fast and keeping them there. Our business is to ensure you stay in the know through the continuous spectrum of news to knowledge. We reach millions of cybersecurity professionals around the world. Visit to learn more.
Ron Nissim is the CEO and Co-founder of Entitle. Prior to founding Entitle, Nissim served in 8200, the elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Nissim is an entrepreneur in spirit with a passion for identity security and software
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Entitle is how cloud-forward companies provide employees with granular and just-in-time access within their cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. Whether it's providing access to production for on-call engineers or granting access to customer data when a support ticket is opened, Entitle easily integrates with your stack, offering self-serve access requests, instant visibility into your cloud entitlements and making user access reviews a breeze. Entitle customers include fast-growing and public companies like Bloomreach, AppsFlyer, Honeybook, Lemonade, Noname, and Hippo. Learn more at
Ross Haleliuk began his journey as a co-founder of a B2B edtech before building a decade-long career as a product leader across multiple industries, ending up in cybersecurity. His areas of expertise include go-to-market and product strategy, strategic positioning, product-market fit expansion, growth, operations, and fundraising. Ross is currently a Head of Product at LimaCharlie. LimaCharlie's SecOps Cloud Platform provides customers with comprehensive enterprise protection that brings together critical cybersecurity capabilities and eliminates integration challenges and security gaps for more effective protection against today's threats. Outside of work, Ross is a startup advisor, speaker, and angel investor. He often writes about cybersecurity industry trends, building security startups, investment, and growth on the world’s leading media platforms such as TechCrunch, Forbes, and VentureBeat, and in his blog Venture in Security.
Most cybersecurity books are written for hackers, security leaders and practitioners, and a general audience. This book is different as it is intended first and foremost for builders - startup founders, security engineers, marketing and sales teams, product managers, VCs, angel investors, software developers, investor relations and analyst relations professionals, and others who are building the future of cybersecurity. Featuring forewords by Caleb Sima and Jeremiah Grossman, and contributions by renowned cybersecurity entrepreneurs, operators, thought leaders, and investors, Cyber for Builders is the most comprehensive guide for security entrepreneurs and anyone looking for ways to help their cybersecurity startup, product, line of business, or a portfolio company succeed
Roy leads a team of automotive professionals across all aspects of the business - from sales and product to R&D and operations, to finance, investor relations and marketing. C2A Security is a trusted partner by industry giants as Valeo, NTT Data, Marelli, Segula Technologies and others. We empower OEMs to fast-track product release cycles while staying compliant and adhering to regulation and security standards.
C2A Security is a DevSecOps Platform vendor that addresses the specific needs of car makers and mobility companies. Founded in 2016, C2A Security transforms cybersecurity from being a company-wide limitation to a business multiplier, through advanced security automation and compliance, to shorten software release times and decrease costs. C2A created an advanced cybersecurity DevSecOps platform, tackling current and future automotive industry challenges, and brought car manufacturers comprehensive, yet practical and cost-efficient vehicle security solutions. These solutions enable C2A automotive customers to become more competitive in the software-defined vehicle era by reducing time to deployment and allowing developers and operators to focus on the product, its features, and values for the end customer.
Currently Co-founder and CEO of Discern Security. Previously, Co-founder and CEO at SecurityAdvisor that was acquired by KnowBe4. Was part of the leadership team at Fortscale that was acquired by RSA. Was Director, Product Management at McAfee.
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Value prop: Discern is the first AI Security Policy and Configuration Assessment, Management and Recommendation platform. The vast majority of customers (Ranging from SMBs to large enterprises) do not make effective and optimized use of their main security tools including CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Sailpoint etc. Discern will auto assess, deploy and optimize these tools and controls within these tools against the risks that each customer faces (Including functional, individual risks specific to the organization) and then help the CISO build narratives around how they have delivered value to their organization in terms of improved security with measurable metrics and mapping against standards like MITRE.
A cybersecurity veteran with over 20 years of experience architecting network, cloud, CASB, and remote access security, Sandro manages the technical tasks of the Mammoth Cyber Customer Engagement programs. Before Mammoth Cyber, Sandro launched cloud and network security solutions and customer success services at Valtix, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet.
Mammoth Cyber is solving the problem of securing contractor, partner and remote employee access. These users carry a high risk for data theft, and the Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser is a new approach that delivers the visibility and control needed to provide secure remote access and prevent data exfiltration.
Seth Spergel is Managing Partner of Merlin Ventures. Seth brings over 20 years of experience building, selling, and investing in software and startups. Seth came to Merlin from In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment firm of the US Intelligence Community. Prior to In-Q-Tel, Seth was VP of Engineering at ThinkGeek. Seth is a graduate of Brandeis University, where he majored in Computer Science and Economics.
Merlin Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Merlin Cyber, a firm with 25 years of experience helping the largest cybersecurity brands in the world tackle the US Federal market. In 2019, we established Merlin Ventures to find the next generation of cybersecurity solutions, and in 2021 stood up our office in Tel Aviv to gain insider access to the unique cybersecurity ecosystem that Israel provides. Leveraging our network of US-based security executives, as well as Merlin Cyber’s public sector go-to-market expertise, Merlin Ventures helps our portfolio companies understand and rapidly accelerate into both commercial and government markets in the US.
Setu is a Corporate Strategy & Product Management executive with feet on the ground experience in NAM, Europe & APAC. Currently, he leads product management at Venafi, the leader in Machine Identity Management. At the time of this recording, Setu led product strategy at NTT Security. Prior to NTT Security, he established and led the corporate strategy & PM functions during critical growth years at WhiteHat Security, resulting in its acquisition by NTT Security. Earlier in his career, Setu led platform product strategy & management at TIBCO for Operation Intelligence, Cloud, SOA & BPM products. Setu is a company spokesperson, a speaker at industry & investor events, a podcast host and thought-leader in the Application Security space.
Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity management, securing machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, SSH, code signing, mobile and IoT. Venafi provides global visibility of machine identities and the risks associated with them for the extended enterprise - on premises, mobile, virtual, cloud and IoT - at machine speed and scale.
Shantanu Bhattacharya is a cyberpreneur, Phone Pass’s founder, CEO, and Siometrix’s inventor. After having worked in the cybersecurity industry for more than thirty years with varied experiences, like:15 years of Team Management experience, including as Head of Architecture Advisory and Review Board, Global Design Team Member & Chief Architect in Siemens,; 20 years of cybersecurity experience – securing TCP/IP stack that won 17 international awards & as Chief Architect of PKI suite of products used by US President Bill Clinton & Belgian President to sign their electronic signature bills,; Advising to CISO of a highly security-conscious Federal Government agency in Australia
Siometrix is a groundbreaking cybersecurity start-up specialising in dual-layered cybersecurity solutions invented by Shantanu Bhattacharya, CEO and Founder of Siometrix. The company is at the forefront of tackling identity theft and ransomware attacks. Their innovative approach combines Siometrix Fingerprint-based identity protection (patent-pending) and advanced ransomware defence, providing organisations with comprehensive security in an increasingly hostile digital landscape.
Sharon Goldberg is an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at Boston University. Her research uses tools from theory (cryptography, game-theory, algorithms), and networking (measurement, modeling, and simulation) to solve practical problems in network security. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2009, her B.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 2003, has worked as a researcher at IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft, as an engineer at Bell Canada and Hydro One Networks, and has served on working groups of the Federal
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BastionZero is leveraging cryptography to reimagine the tools used to manage remote access to kubernetes, server, application, and database infrastructure across cloud and on-prem environments. The company was founded by a cybersecurity professor and cybersecurity PhD who spent years working together at Boston University. ‍The architecture of BastionZero is inspired by innovations in threshold-based cryptography and developed by a team of cryptographers and infrastructure experts looking to simplify the lives of cloud security teams, while modernizing the security models used in the cloud security space
Shirley Salzman, CEO and Co-Founder of SeeMetrics, a Gartner-recognized Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) platform that transforms the way security leaders measure, track, and improve stack performance. Unlike today’s manual processes, SeeMetrics’ cockpit-like dashboard instantly answers key questions around performance. Shirley brings over a decade of experience in commercial leadership (Percepto, Contguard, and Logic Industries). Prior to her high-tech career, Shirley worked for global policy and strategy firms such as the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel. Shirley holds an MA with honors in International Security and Non-Proliferation from King’s College, London.
SeeMetrics is a Gartner-recognized Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) platform that revolutionizes how security leaders measure, track, and improve stack performance. Unlike manual processes, SeeMetrics uses real-time stack-derived data to automate answers to questions around performance. SeeMetrics was founded in 2021 by Shirley Salzman, CEO and Shay Haluba, CTO, who raised $6M from VCs such as Work-Bench, 8VC, AGP, Essence VC, K5 Global and Verissimo. SeeMetrics’ Advisory Committee includes well-known industry names such as Sounil Yu, CISO & Head of Research at JupiterOne; Jason Chan, Former CISO of Netflix; Rafael Franco, Former Deputy General of the Israeli Cyber Directorate; Julie Tsai, Six-time CISO/Head of InfoSec and DevOps(Sec) specialist; Frank Kim, CISO & Fellow at SANS Institute; and Yael Nagler, Yass Partners CEO.
Sivan Tehila is a Cybersecurity expert and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. CEO at Onyxia, Cybersecurity Strategy and Performance platform. She also serves as Program Director and cybersecurity professor for the MS in Cybersecurity program at Katz School of Science and Health, Yeshiva University.
Onyxia is a dynamic Cybersecurity Performance Management platform that empowers CISOs and security leaders with a centralized view of their cybersecurity environment and provides actionable insights for high-performing cyber defense strategies that align with business objectives. With Onyxia, security leaders can easily measure, manage and convey the business value of their cybersecurity program, enabling their organizations to stay safe from emerging threats, focus on what matters, and make smarter and more efficient decisions.
Sriram Balasubramanian is a Product Line director within Akamai’s Enterprise Division. He is responsible for Akamai’s SASE initiatives around Zero Trust Access. Sriram has more than a decade of experience in product management across varied fields including Networking, Security and Internet of Things. Prior to Akamai, Sriram spent 7 years with Cisco Systems leading various emerging initiatives within the company. Sriram holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in computer science.
Akamai secures and delivers digital experiences for the world’s largest companies. Akamai’s intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so customers and their businesses can be fast, smart and secure. Top brands globally rely on Akamai to help them realize competitive advantage through agile solutions that extend the power of their multi-cloud architectures. Akamai keeps decisions, apps and experiences closer to users than anyone – and attacks and threats far away
Tal Kollender is the co-founder and CEO of GYTPOL - a device misconfiguration and vulnerability detection and remediation system protecting over 3 million devices worldwide. She’s a former professional hacker who transformed into a cyber specialist at the IT Corp Cyber Security-Systems division of the IDF and later a Cyber Expert & System Security Architect at Dell EMC; She then created GYTPOL with her co-founders. Her efforts in the cybersecurity field earned her the "Cybersecurity Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2023" award by the Unite Cybersecurity Alliance.
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GYTPOL, offers cutting-edge security solutions that focus on the detection and remediation of device misconfigurations across your IT infrastructure - Windows, Mac, Linux and servers. GYTPOL Validator is designed to provide continuous monitoring and automatic remediation of security threats caused by device misconfiguration and human errors, ensuring your organization remains safe from hacker attacks and minimizing the attack surface. By prioritizing the elimination of security blind spots through our comprehensive endpoint protection, we empower businesses to maintain high security and compliance levels, and with zero disruption, by utilizing our Know-before-you-go approach and the ability to revert if needed.
Previously the Founder & CTO of Hysolate, Tal Zamir is a 20-year software industry leader with a track record of solving urgent business challenges by reimagining how technology works. He has pioneered multiple breakthrough cybersecurity and virtualization products. Tal incubated next-gen end-user computing products while in the CTO office at VMware. Tal began his career in an elite IDF technology unit. He holds multiple US patents as well as an M.Sc in Computer Science from the Technion.
Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company for the fastest and most accurate next-generation isolation, detection, and remediation of all threats across an organization’s main attack vectors - email, web browsers, and cloud collaboration apps. The solution's natively integrated and fully managed incident response service acts as a force multiplier to the SOC team, reducing management overhead, improving user experience and delivering continuous insights; providing proven best protection for all organizations. Deployed in minutes, with no change to the enterprise’s infrastructure, the patented, cloud-native and easy-to-use service replaces cumbersome legacy systems to prevent phishing, BEC, spam, malware, zero-days, ATO, and other advanced attacks well before they reach end-users. Fortune 500 enterprises and organizations across the globe are preventing attacks across their email, web browsers and cloud collaboration channels with Perception Point.
Tanya Janca, also known as SheHacksPurple, is the best-selling author of ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’. She is also the founder of We Hack Purple, an online learning academy, community and podcast that revolves around teaching everyone to create secure software. Tanya has been coding and working in IT for over twenty years, won countless awards, and has been everywhere from startups to public service to tech giants (Microsoft, Adobe, & Nokia). She has worn many hats; startup founder, pentester, CISO, AppSec Engineer, and software developer. She is an award-winning public speaker, active blogger & streamer and has delivered hundreds of talks and training sessions on 6 continents. She values diversity, inclusion and kindness, which shines through in her countless initiatives.
We Hack Purple is an academy and community dedicated to teaching everyone how to create more secure software. Our online courses teach application security theory and hands-on technical lessons. The We Hack Purple Community is a safe and professional space for information security professionals to meet, network, discuss, and learn! Whether you are a seasoned security veteran, or brand new to the topic, by joining the We Hack Purple Community you will kickstart your learning, and super-charge your career.
Trevor A. Combs is a proven expert when it comes to Secure Remote Support tools and the processes around them. He is currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at BeyondTrust. Prior to that, he spent most of his career in IT Process and Program Management for various global companies in the IT Support, Finance, Construction, and Vendor Outsourcing industries. He has over 20 years in the Support and Security space. In Trevor’s free time, he enjoys teaching seminars and classes to seniors on how to enrich their lives with technology, and keep their data and personal information safe.
Most privileged access management solutions just focus on passwords. BeyondTrust is different. Our innovative Universal Privilege Management approach to cyber security secures every user, asset, and session across your enterprise. Deployed as SaaS or on-premises, BeyondTrust's Universal Privilege Management approach simplifies deployments, reduces costs, improves usability, and reduces privilege risks. Trusted by more customers, our Universal Privilege Management approach creates a frictionless experience for users, enabling the right level of access at just the right time.
Victor Fang, Ph.D, is the CEO and Co-Founder of AnChain.AI, an AI powered web3 cybersecurity startup based in San Francisco. The web3 technology he built has been empowering high profile customers such as the SEC. 2)Victor is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and innovator in data science and artificial intelligence with over 10 years of experience. He has held data science leadership roles at FireEye Mandiant, Awake Security (Greylock, acq' 2020), Pivotal (IPO 2018) and EMC. Since 2020, Victor has served as an Industry Advisor at UC Berkeley. Victor currently holds 20 US patents on AI for cybersecurity and fraud detection. While not saving the web3 world he plays electric guitar and piano in a rock band.
AnChain.AI (HQ in San Francisco) is an AI-powered cybersecurity company enhancing Web3 security, risk, and compliance strategies. Recognized as one of CNBC's Top Startups for Enterprise and 2023 RSAC Innovation Sandbox Finalist, AnChain.AI was founded in 2018 by cybersecurity and enterprise software veterans from FireEye and Mandiant. Backed by both Silicon Valley and Wall Street VCs, and selected in the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, the company is trusted by 100+ customers from over 10+ countries in these sectors: VASPs, financial institutions, and government, including the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Featured by CBS News, MIT Tech Review, Coindesk, and DEFCON, AnChain.AI's AML engine screens over $1 billion in daily crypto transactions.'
Vivek Ramachandran is a security researcher, book author, speaker-trainer, and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in offensive cybersecurity. He is currently the founder of SquareX, building a browser-native security product focused on detecting, mitigating, and threat-hunting web attacks against enterprise users and consumers. Prior to that, he was the founder of Pentester Academy (acquired in 2021), which has trained thousands of customers from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and enterprises from over 140+ countries. Before that, Vivek’s company built an 802.11ac monitoring product sold exclusively to defense agencies.
SquareX helps organisations detect, mitigate and threat-hunt web attacks happening against their users in real time. With our innovative browser-native security product, SquareX safeguards enterprise users from a spectrum of web-based threats, encompassing malicious files, websites, scripts, and compromised networks. Available on the Chrome and Edge stores, the SquareX browser extension has not only been awarded as “featured extension” by Chrome store but has also earned over 200,000 users globally in less than a year.
Yoni Shohet is a seasoned entrepreneur, with a successful track record in the Israeli cybersecurity landscape. Yoni received his BSc in Mathematics at the age of 19, and completed his service in the Israel Defense Forces as a cybersecurity team leader and project manager at one of Israel’s most esteemed military intelligence units. Valence is the second cybersecurity startup Yoni has founded, following his time as CEO and co-founder of SCADAfence, a pioneer in industrial IoT cybersecurity.
Valence Security is the first security company to offer collaborative remediation workflows that engage with business users to contextualize and reduce SaaS data sharing, supply chain, identity, and misconfiguration risks with scalable policy enforcement and automated workflows. With Valence, security teams can secure their critical SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Slack and ensure continuous compliance with internal policies, industry standards and regulations, without impeding business productivity or the speed of SaaS adoption. Valence is backed by leading cybersecurity investors like Microsoft’s M12 and YL Ventures, and is trusted by leading organizations.
Yotam Segev is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cyera. Prior to Cyera, he – alongside Co-Founder, Tamar Bar-Ilan – built and ran the cloud security division for the Israeli Defense Force's (IDF) elite Unit 8200, and served as a Senior Class Commander in the IDF's prestigious Talpiot Leadership Academy. During this time, Yotam gained firsthand experience leading teams and deploying cybersecurity technologies in the field. He also gained valuable insight to recognize the challenges involved in ensuring business stakeholders have access to critical, sensitive data in a secure manner, and the need to develop a solution. These insights inspired Segev and Bar-Ilan to found Cyera in 2021, and continue to fuel the company’s rapid growth. As CEO, Yotam leads strategic direction and operations, and guides the company to develop technology and tools through customer-inspired innovation.
Cyera is the data security company that gives businesses deep context on their data, applying proper, continuous controls to assure cyber-resilience and compliance. Cyera takes a data-centric approach to security across your data landscape, empowering security teams to know where their data is, what exposes it to risk, and take immediate action to remediate exposures. Backed by leading investors, including Sequoia, Accel, Cyberstarts and Redpoint Ventures, Cyera is redefining how companies secure data in the cloud. To learn more, visit
Zuly Gonzalez is Director of Product Management at Skyhigh Security where she leads Remote Browser Isolation, Firewall-as-a-Service, and Digital Experience Monitoring as part of the Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) platform. Prior to joining Skyhigh Security, Zuly was the CEO and Co-founder of Light Point Security (acquired by McAfee in March 2020), which pioneered the concept of remote browser isolation. Before founding Light Point Security, Zuly spent over a decade at the National Security Agency (NSA) in various technical and management roles where she focused on protecting national security interests. While at the NSA, Zuly briefed the Director of the NSA and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) on matters of national security. Zuly holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez, and an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.
Skyhigh Security protects organizations with cloud-native security solutions that are both data-aware and simple to use. Its market-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) Portfolio goes beyond data access and focuses on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere without sacrificing security.