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Our shows are a series of informative discussions that explore the various components of security architecture, zero trust, application security, cloud security, and data security. These shows provide valuable insights on emerging trends, and innovative cybersecurity solutions.
security architecture podcast
Season 5
In this fifth season, we will be focusing on cloud security and specifically discussing Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP). CNAPP is designed to address the challenges organizations face in securing their cloud environments. It encompasses CSPM and CWPP functionalities, as well as other capabilities. A typical CNAP platform should be able to scan cloud environments across multiple providers, support various types of workloads (such as virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions), and integrate with the development pipeline.
Special shows
Launch Pad
Launch Pads assists security solutions vendors to highlight the areas where their product shines and provide to the audience the opportunity to understand the functionality and architecture of your product. As subject matter experts in cybersecurity, we believe that architecture and integration is key factors to having satisfied customers.
Special shows
Cyber Inspiration
Cyber Inspiration podcast explores the minds of CTOs and CEOs, at the time they started their cyber security companies. We find out what happened in their technical or personal lives that motivated them to start the company.
security architecture podcast
Season 4
Dive into the world of browser isolation and enterprise browser vendors with our thrilling new season! We'll explore cutting-edge isolation technologies, discuss the challenges and benefits of implementing these solutions, and interview vendors n the space to understand the future of secure browsing in the corporate landscape.
security architecture podcast
Season 3
Immerse yourself in the world of application security vendors with this captivating season. We'll examine top players, compare their offerings, and discuss emerging trends to help you make informed decisions for your organization's app security needs.
security architecture podcast
Season 2
Step into the Zero Trust revolution with our season focused on ZTNA vendors. Discover the intricacies of Zero Trust Network Access, compare leading solutions, and learn from industry experts as they share insights on the future of secure remote connectivity
security architecture podcast
Season 1
Soar into the world of cloud-based Secure Web Gateways (SWG) as part of SASE vendors in our first podcast season. We'll delve into the innovative solutions and strategies for securing cloud data, demystify SASE architecture, and hear from industry leaders on the future of network security. Subscribe now to master the cloud SWG landscape and elevate your organization's security posture.