Security Architecture Podcast - Hello World

Our vision taking a different approach to a podcast show. We take an area of interest such as IoT or EDR, analyze the current trends on the market, understand the complexity and ask questio
Evgeniy Kharam
July 14, 2020

Welcome to the Security Architecture Podcast

This idea has been sitting in my mind for some time, but it finally crystallized during this challenging COVID19 time.

As part of my work, I spend a lot of time helping companies with their architecture and tools, and I see how companies buy solutions but don’t fully implement them or miss potential connectivity and collaboration with other solutions. I partnered with Dmitry Raidman as a co-founder of this project. While I have substantial knowledge in network security, security product, and architecture, Dmitry has extensive expertise in software security and entrepreneurship which complements each other's skills and amplifies the effect of the project. We have been for a while leaders in different verticals of the security space and we both feel this is a good time to give back to the community.

Our joint vision is taking a different approach to a podcast show. What if we take an area of interest such as IoT or Cloud Security, analyze the current trends on the market, understand the complexities of integrating such solution from a customer point of view and craft some questions to be asked, almost like a mini Request for information(RFI), then approach leading and emerging vendors, and ask them if they are interested to answer this questions on the podcast? We will be asking only for publicly available information and they will only be talking about themselves and not why they are better than others. 

For every new topic introduced we are going to record a kick-off episode with a credible cybersecurity figure where we can introduce the topic and explain to the audience what kind of problem such solutions are solving. After the kick-off episode, we will record each vendor separately and start publishing only after we’re done recording (we don’t want vendors to change their story based on what other vendors presented as their solution). As part of our interviews, we will bring independent industry experts to share their views about the topics of interest to learn about the alignment of the vendors to their end-users.

Our podcast is about architecture, and we encourage vendors to show diagrams and explain how their solution fits into one’s architecture; therefore, we will be posting our podcast in audio and video versions. The video version will be shown on YouTube, and the audio one will be shared on all the major podcast platforms.

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*Note: This is a personal project that is not affiliated in any way with our day-by-day job.

VP of Solution Architecture