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SASE Outbound Browsing Questions from - Season 1

November 13, 2020
Dmitry Raidman
CTO Cybeats
General Questions
  • What's the name of the offering addressing the outbound browsing?
  • What's the name of the offering addressing the outbound browsing?
  • What part of the SASE market your product captures?
  • What is the maturity level of your product?
  • How do you license your product? (seats, devices, concurrent connections, bandwidth, BYOD)
  • Describe your architecture at a high level (pops, hybrid-cloud, private cloud, high availability and routing optimization)
  • How do you tie back to the User Identity and MFA? What is the best practice for different Job Roles?
  • How can you ensure you can scale for customers’ demand?
  • How do you make the user experience faster and better?
  • How do you provide unified management and dashboard?
Architecture Questions
  • Connectivity options from the office and their pros and cons? (including high availability and SDWAN)
  • How do you protect the remote users (ports and protocols, client delivery and removal mechanisms, endpoint security posture)?
  • Any other connectivity options that are available? (part of ISP, OEM, Plug into other solution)
  • How do you address the following requirement for secure browsing?
  • ~~Enforce Acceptable use Policy- Block based on URL Categorization
  • ~~Block bad known URLs, dynamically
  • ~~Protect from malicious file downloads
  • ~~Detect and block malicious content hosted within a site
  • ~~Provide visibility into shadow It
  • ~~Bandwidth Shaping QoS
  • ~~Provide content inspection (DLP)
  • ~~Cloud App Control – inline CASB functionality
  • How can the customer POC your solution?
  • Technical partnership to other vendors
  • Does your product integrate with other vendors? (SOAR, DLP, EDR, SIEM, CASB, Threat Intel)
  • What are the 3 reports/metrics that can show the before and after state, something I would take as CISO to the board?